Christine's Travel Journal
Thursday, June 03, 2004
3 june 2004
Sun is shining in Inverness. It was cold and cloudy early this morning in Aviemore as I sat over coffee waiting for the Funicular to open. It's a new railway trip to the summit of Cairngorm. The clouds kept sweeping over the mountains then clearing again. What lovely drama.

Last night with Iain Wallace and Diane his partner, we walked through the spongy forest feeling it glow all round us with the translucent green of the native berry plants just coming into flower. Iain was carrying a shopping bag which turned out to contain a bottle of Crofts Original, three sherry glasses and some nibbles. We sat by a lochan enjoying perfect reflections of the mountains.

The flies in this ointment were large mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes in North Scotland??? Is this new? I think so.

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